Calling on Angels… ‪#‎12K12Days‬ a short and sweet campaign that ends November 1st with party.

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For the Love of Jackson Park & The Forest

For the Love of Jackson Park & The Forest

When I see this photo I am reminded of the beauty, majesty of the lovely Jackson Park, it is like a rugged, wild, provincial park that has been protected, its wilderness, its ecological diversity and ecosystem is so special, sacred, beauty full. Am so blessed to have this so close to downtown Peterborough so I can walk, bike, and run to this forest in such close proximity to where I live.

The park has allowed for people like myself for the last 34 years living in Peterborough, Ontario to spend time in the forest to heal all the challenges that have been in my life living in a single parent family in rural roots, like the roots beneath the trees intertwined with each other, I have roots in the Earth here. The trees are ancestors with so much wisdom, they have healed a lot of the wounds of growing up as an Aquarian in a world of the mall culture of Western Dominant Paradigm of the Consumer Culture and thankfully the park with nature calmed my nerves, restoring my emotional, pyschological, mental, physical, spiritual imbalances and allowed for the holistic healing to happen energetically, with the awareness of how interconnected we are all are, we are all my relations.

What has inspired me lately is the knowing deep in my belly of the sacredness of this land, the term “terraphillia” has come to me to know that there is an emotional attachment to the soil of where we were raised, this is true for me, the land of the Kawarthas, Omemee, Peterborough, Haliburton Highlands, Muskokas, Algonquin Park and Tamagami and summer camps like Camp Kawartha and Ecology Education have been instrumental to my learning throughout my life.

When I went to Trent U to study Ecological Anthropology and Archaeology, I learned a great deal about the environmental geography and prehistory of the local Indigenous Peoples. I am a girl who was raised predominantly in the farmland, wetlands of Mallard’s Bay, and I grew up with the knowledge about the fish, soil, gardening, subsistence strategies like hunting, gathering, and milking the goat and having live birds on our small farm.

When my Mom had her car accident on Friday March 13th, 1992, when I was 12 years old, our family went our own ways, some of us in to foster care, some of us in to the street to survive on our own, we have had to do a lot of transformational healing, restorative justice and reconciliation work to restore the harmony balance of growing in to our own, to forgive, to surrender, to let go of all the wounds and it is the natural organic settings of the forest that continually regenerate, rebirth in the seasons and cycles that heal all of this. This is the Higher Purpose of being alive. It is the way of the Art in my life, to express this, to embody this essence of being a women in the 21st century who can live an urban life as a media artist and at the same time be connected with the primordial ancestral inter being that is what makes getting up in the morning such a miracle, what a gift it is to be alive this Earth Day.

Let us all Protect our Sacred Land, Let us all Protect Jackson Park, Occupy Jackson Park, Occupy Love, Sacred Activism, we must wake up now to the ability to respond mindfully, compassionately, creatively to the situation that the City of Peterborough with its Mayor Bennett leading the way of a massive Parkway across Jackson’s Park. Since they are not listening to the people, the people must find their own empowerment through community, through their own expression of their stories, to have a voice. This is the reason why I have become to be a documentary filmmaker/media artist activist and learning about the gift economy, paradigm shift, living in the eco village of yoga, healing, gardening, and creating. What I suggest for all reading this is to do whatever you can to grow food, grow gardens, guerilla garden, make music, bring out your Uke or whatever instrument you can and play your music, sing, write, share your poetry, paintings, and lets all create together, lets join our hands together to link our arms in unity diversity in gratitude for this precious life we have.

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Angel & Tanya at Girl Guide/Brownie Graduation Ceremony 1988

Angel & Tanya at Girl Guide/Brownie Graduation Ceremony 1988

This is the moment that my sister and I had when we were children when we graduated from Girl Guides and Brownies for our final moment of victory and I was a very happy little girl. There is my Mom Tanya Lee Hamilton in the background.

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Tanya Lee Hamilton & Angel Hamilton at What is Art? Community Documentary Web Series at Sadleir House, Peterborough, ON

Tanya Lee Hamilton & Angel Hamilton at What is Art? Community Documentary Web Series at Sadleir House, Peterborough, ON

My Mom aka Tanya Lee Hamilton and me at What is Art? screening of MAP Media Arts PTBO.

Am delighted to be in the documentary web series that was a grassroots community building
experience with artist in resident Lester Alfonso at Art Space Media Arts Lab .

Grateful that my Mom & I are in the web series along side so many local Peterborough artists.

On the day of the screening my Mom was celebrating how good it is to be alive.

She survived a car accident 22 years ago when she was 32 years old and the day of the
screening, March 13th happend to be the same day as the accident.

Am grateful to have my Mom alive in my life, what a miracles she is! Painting has inspired her
greatly in dealing with her disabilities and her coping with her unique life challenges.

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Shapeshifting education


Am grateful that Trout in Plaid was able to write this amazing blog about the situation currently unfolding in Peterborough, Ontario at Trent U.

Originally posted on Trout in Plaid:

It wasn’t finance, it was the sharing of music, storytelling and craft that allowed slaves of the American south to hold on to a semblance of identity despite their suffering; and the survival and legacy of those arts has embedded itself into our contemporary culture with immeasurable richness, from the music of Paul Robeson, John Coltrane and Queen Latifah to the Quilts of Gee’s Bend and stories of Br’er Rabbit.

The experiences of our indigenous brothers and sisters show us daily how easily language and cultural knowledge can be lost within the span of even one generation, and the negative impact that occurs when the culture of a community (or a nation) begins to unravel.

It seems impossible that in mainstream Canada we could suffer a similar fate. We live in a free country. We are educated and have the power of choice, don’t we? Yet as corporate media…

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INSIDE OUT: The People’s Project TRAILER

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Tanya Lee Hamilton aka My Mom is the Surprise Guest at What is Art? Screening Directed by Lester Alfonso tonight at Sadleir House at 9pm

My Mom Tanya Lee Hamilton is the star in Against All Odds CHEX TV Peterborough program is celebrating 22 years since she had a car accident with a Freight Train, on Friday March 13th, 1992 when she was 32 and I was 12 years old, we still have her and what a blessing she is! she is coming as the guest to What is Art? Directed by Lester Alfonso she will speak about her experience of art therapy, Come to Sadleir House at 9pm tonight to check out MAP Media Arts Peterborough event of the documentary web series What is Art? #tanyaleehamilton,#whatisart#art #documentary #webseries #peterborough #sadleirhouse#lesteralfonso #mediaartspeterborough

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