Tanya Lee Hamilton & Angel Hamilton at What is Art? Community Documentary Web Series at Sadleir House, Peterborough, ON

Tanya Lee Hamilton & Angel Hamilton at What is Art? Community Documentary Web Series at Sadleir House, Peterborough, ON

My Mom aka Tanya Lee Hamilton and me at What is Art? screening of MAP Media Arts PTBO.

Am delighted to be in the documentary web series that was a grassroots community building
experience with artist in resident Lester Alfonso at Art Space Media Arts Lab .

Grateful that my Mom & I are in the web series along side so many local Peterborough artists.

On the day of the screening my Mom was celebrating how good it is to be alive.

She survived a car accident 22 years ago when she was 32 years old and the day of the
screening, March 13th happend to be the same day as the accident.

Am grateful to have my Mom alive in my life, what a miracles she is! Painting has inspired her
greatly in dealing with her disabilities and her coping with her unique life challenges.

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Shapeshifting education


Am grateful that Trout in Plaid was able to write this amazing blog about the situation currently unfolding in Peterborough, Ontario at Trent U.

Originally posted on Trout in Plaid:

It wasn’t finance, it was the sharing of music, storytelling and craft that allowed slaves of the American south to hold on to a semblance of identity despite their suffering; and the survival and legacy of those arts has embedded itself into our contemporary culture with immeasurable richness, from the music of Paul Robeson , John Coltrane and Queen Latifah to the Quilts of Gee’s Bend and stories of Br’er Rabbit.

The experiences of our indigenous brothers and sisters show us daily how easily language and cultural knowledge can be lost within the span of even one generation, and the negative impact that occurs when the culture of a community (or a nation) begins to unravel.

It seems impossible that in mainstream Canada we could suffer a similar fate. We live in a free country. We are educated and have the power of choice, don’t we? Yet as corporate media…

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INSIDE OUT: The People’s Project TRAILER

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Tanya Lee Hamilton aka My Mom is the Surprise Guest at What is Art? Screening Directed by Lester Alfonso tonight at Sadleir House at 9pm

My Mom Tanya Lee Hamilton is the star in Against All Odds CHEX TV Peterborough program is celebrating 22 years since she had a car accident with a Freight Train, on Friday March 13th, 1992 when she was 32 and I was 12 years old, we still have her and what a blessing she is! she is coming as the guest to What is Art? Directed by Lester Alfonso she will speak about her experience of art therapy, Come to Sadleir House at 9pm tonight to check out MAP Media Arts Peterborough event of the documentary web series What is Art? www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqNzpR3pfBk #tanyaleehamilton,#whatisart#art #documentary #webseries #peterborough #sadleirhouse#lesteralfonso #mediaartspeterborough

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Lester Alfonso / M.A.P.


Amazing blog about M.A.P. Media Arts Peterborough & Lester Alfonso

Originally posted on Trout in Plaid:

Lester Alfonso Watching Lester Alfonso volley ideas flying around the room during the Media Arts Peterborough potluck at Artspace is like watching championship table tennis. High and low ideas for M.A.P.’s open source film project are coming from the crowd, with themes that range from zombies to a daughter’s journey to find the father she never knew. Alfonso has not shot down a single one of them – he somehow finds a way to fit it in to a larger concept. He puts out the call -  does anyone want to be cameraman? Any musicians out there who want to write a score for the video? He pulls us all in. He’s a teacher, he’s a juggler. I knew he was an accomplished filmmaker, but I didn’t know that he was also a talented community animator.

Media Arts Peterborough is Alfonso’s vision of an open studio film co-operative, designed to provide the…

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What is Art? Directed by Lester Alfonso The Wire Megazine February 2014

ISSUU – The Wire Megazine February 2014 by KnowAbout Canada Inc.

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WHAT IS ART? Ep. 1 “Art is Everything.” A FILM by Lester Alfonso

WHAT IS ART? Ep 1 “Art is Everything.” A FILM BY Lester Alfonso MUSIC BY Nostalgic Home Highways APPEARING: Myself, Jesse Goodrice, Angel Hamilton, Tessa Nasca, Myles Conner, Thomas Canada Vaccaro, Ian Smith, Jimmy Lightshow Reedyk, John Marris, Nancy Simmons Smith, Bethany Taylor, Bronson Smith, Marc Roy, John Chartrand, Toby Tylor, Ray McGirl, Peter Mettler, Alanis King, Michael Ketemer, Su Ditta, Esther Vincent, Jon Hedderwick, Zan Bilz, David Bigg, Michael Weber, Janet Howse, Cody Shadzik, Sasha Patterson, Suzanne Moreau, Lisa McKaskell, Anna Carman Currier, Annie Jaeger, Dorothy Caldwell, Doug Andrews, Tanya Connolly, Peterborough Roller Derby League, Tanya Lee Hamilton, Rick Amsbury, Tony Lagana, Sean Eyre, Ashlin Boustead, Sebastian Deery, Opal Jennifer Elchuk and more… With help from Paul Caleb, Chris Chapman, Angela Kirley, Michael Morritt and thanks to all our members and supporters!

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